Helicopter Strike Force

» Descrição
The tranquility of this island´s existence is shattered with the rise of the corrupt El Presidente, who will stop at nothing to bring the entire island under his despotic thumb. As his forces advance, the island people face violence and destruction on an unprecedented scale. Now it´s up to you to take the controls of a combat helicopter and face off against El Presidente´s forces, using all the firepower at your command to repel them and protect the island residents.

Prepare to push yourself and your machinery to the limit in Helicopter Strike Force. Complete 18 thrilling combat missions, many with multiple objectives, as you soar in your bird through fully destructible 3D environments. An arsenal of weapons offers you numerous choices as to the best way to dispatch your enemies. Go head-to-head with other pilots online to prove who has the skills to command the air and destroy the advancing forces.


* Take to the sky in a combat helicopter to protect the island from El Presidente´s deadly forces
* Immerse yourself in a gripping storyline that challenges you to complete 18 dangerous combat missions
* Soar through stunning, fully destructible 3D environments where you must stay on your guard to destroy only enemies, not friendly forces
* Choose from a variety of devastating weapons to wield against your foes
* Battle online in fierce helicopter vs. helicopter fights in multiplayer mode

» Configuração Mínima
Windows /XP/Vista

» Instruções
1. Unpack Release
2. Mount/Burn Image
3. Install Game
4. Play the game

» Dados do Jogo
Nome: Helicopter Strike Force
Fabricante: Masque
Estilo: Ação/Simulador
Sistema Operacional: Windows /XP/Vista
Ano de Lançamento: 2008

Tamanho: 227 Mb
Formato: Iso
Qualidade dos Gráficos: 10
Nível de Jogabilidade: 10
Nº de mídias: 1 CD
Idioma: Inglês
»Tradução- n/a



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