Anno 1404 / Dawn of Discovery (2009)


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The Anno series is a long-running and well-respected city building franchise that has managed to fly just under the radar of most mainstream gamers. Ubisoft is hoping to change that, starting with its announcement of the next in the series at its German Games Convention press conference. We got our first look at Anno 1404 later in the day and learned the mystery of how they come up with the names for these games.

If you know your history, you'll know by the title that Anno 1404 takes place in the late middle ages. This medieval time period was one where building a huge metropolis was already pretty complex and that shows through in a big way in this game. When Christopher Schmitz, executive producer, told us this game will have the biggest cities yet in an Anno game, he wasn't joking. To get there, however, you'll have to start small.

The game begins with a simple ship. Upon setting sail it's up to you to select a suitable place to build a village. The islands in this game are no longer boxy, fake looking land structures. In fact, most everything in Anno 1404 looks sharp. The waves look and behave realistically as the ship moves through them and we're told that if you were to throw your cargo overboard, it would react realistically as well. It's an entirely new engine powering the game, built from the ground up to do exactly what the developers want it to. One of those things, incidentally, is for the engine to be scalable. That means even a low-end PC will be able to run Anno 1404, though if you have a high-end setup you'll get the best looking game.

System requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista
3.0 GHz CPU
128 MB video card
6GB hard disk space








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