WSC Real 2009 World Snooker Championship

WSC Real 08: World Championship Snooker as you have never seen itbefore. Come with us into the Crucible and play the top stars…for realThe product of a new technology called Infinite Worlds TM the gamelooks so good you will

Thegame has a new real mode that allows you the player to walk around theset and get down and view the shot from any angle before committing. Anew control method allows you to take the shot more accurately thanever before. All the competitions all the top players. Play them forreal.


✔ 32 top players in the world
✔ All the official tournaments in the 2008 championship
✔ Play against other snooker champions around the globe
✔ 3 professional commentators
✔ Trickshot challenges
✔ Knock around pool and bar billiards






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